Kariba Minerals Ltd - Zambia amethyst


The Mapatizya mine has been in operation in the Kalomo district region for over thirty years, producing amethyst that is widely recognized for its high quality. Worldwide, it is one of the oldest mines for semi-precious stones and one of the largest sources of quality amethysts. Kariba Minerals is well aware that mining operations have a direct impact on the daily lives of the local people, and therefore the company actively participates in the development of the area by training and employing local workers and investing in the development and construction of infrastructure. Kariba’s social responsibility toward our local community is at the heart of our plans.

Kariba is a major economic development stakeholder in the region, and what the local population contributes to the company in the form of labour is reinvested in the community.


A number of facilities have been built to foster improved quality of life for the community. A new police station was opened recently. Schools have been built to provide children from 6 to 16 with access to quality elementary school education. Since workplace health and safety is an important issue for Kariba Minerals, the company financed the construction of a hospital centre. The hospital treats number of people every day and provides the entire local community with access to fast, effective medical care. The roads and bridges are regularly maintained by Kariba Minerals. The company supports the construction and upkeep of small dams to assist in local subsistence farming. Kariba also drills and maintains wells to ensure that the people have access to potable water.

Job creation

In addition to the 350 workers who work in the mine, Kariba Minerals has helped create several dozen jobs related to infrastructure construction and operation. Over 3000 people have been supported directly or indirectly by the mine for many years.