Rough Amethyst

Purple Amethyst comes in different shades from pale lilac to deep, intense royal purple and brownish to vivid. It has been admired throughout the ages for its stunning beauty and legendary powers to stimulate, and soothe the mind and emotions. It is also believed to have healing powers, attract positive energy
and provide protection. Amethyst is the birthstone for February and gem for 6th and 17th wedding anniversary. It is a semi-precious stone in today’s classifications, but to the ancients it was a “Gem of Fire,” a Precious Stone associated with royalty, at times in history was worth as much as a Diamond. These unique properties and its outstanding beauty have continued to make amethyst one off the most sort after gemstones even in modern times.

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Kariba Amethyst


Our rough amethyst comes in different sizes and ranges in hue from pale red-violet to deep violet and may be transparent or opaque. It is sometimes layered with white quartz as Chevron or Dog teeth Amethyst. The Kariba Amethyst crystals can be left natural, tumbled, polished, cabochon or faceted.
Over the years it has also been used for ornaments, stone tops, and as materials for other products.

The fine premium amethyst only found in Zambia, has been known for its unique deep, royal purple colour with red flashes. It has been used for high end designer jewellery and at times has been worth almost as much a diamond.
Our products are available in the following four main grades.
• Fine Premium Amethyst
• Medium Grade
• Commercial Grade
• Industrial Grade
Customized and processed products can be made available on special request. A complete product list is available on enquiry. Please note that the amethyst product photo gallery does not cover the complete range of products.

Fine Premium Amethyst

Sizes range from 10mm to 50mm
• Royal purple with reddish flashes (Only found in Zambia)
• High clarity (eye clean)
• AAAA and AAA grade
• Ideal for faceting high end designer jewellery

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Medium Grade Amethyst

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• Sizes range from 10mm to more than 50mm
• Medium to High clarity depending on product type
• Some products are semi processed (knocked, clipped or
• AA and A grade
• Ideal for faceting and cabochons

Commercial Grade Amethyst

• Sizes range from less than10mm to more than 50mm
• Low to Medium clarity and sometimes colour zoned
• Natural form and un-knocked
• Ideal for tumbling, cabochons and stone tops.

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Industrial Grade Amethyst

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• Sizes range from 10mm to more than 150mm
• Low to Medium clarity and sometimes colour zoned
• Natural form and un-knocked
• Ideal for tumbling, cabochons, tiles and stone tops